Trials and tribulations of the MythTV protocol:

I can't find documentation about how the mythtv protocol works anywhere. It's a real pain in the ass to read the code and try to figure it out, so i thought i'd write something so that people don't have to hunt through the code.

Note, i wrote these during mythprotocol v 1, they seem to still work at v 8, but i haven't tried or checked the code. Use at your own risk.

Myth Protocol rules:

Commands work like this (dont ask how long it took me to figure this one out):

The first thing you send is the number of bytes that are in the current line. Then you send your command. Example:


That will yeiled an "ACCEPTED" response.

Now we need to add ourselves to do stuff, this is done using the ANN command (otherwise the other functions dont work)

22      ANN Playback Myputer 0

Commands available through the protocol:

So far, that's as far as i've gotten, good luck!